Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lucy Green is comming..

Yes, i'm super giddy about this. Lucy Green, author of How Popular Musicians Learn: A Way Ahead for Music Education will be speaking at the IU School of Music in February (i believe the 22nd, but i'm not for certain about that yet.)

So why does this concern you, my fellow LS cohorts? Well, Dr. Green is one of the few researchers that takes a sociocultural stand and feels music is best learned through 'communities of practice' (e.g., getting in bands, playing cover songs, watching and imitating others). She talks quite extensively about in this book, which, by the way, was written in 2002.

It baffles me that here in the states, we have yet to catch on to this or view it as a viable alternative to drill and kill practices in music classrooms. Granted i took guitar lessons as a young lad, but i learned by playing in bands.

I will post more about this later, but if you get time, check out the Musical Futures program that Dr. Green has started. Looks cool, doesn't it?